Sunday, July 05, 2009

Update on Nick

First of all, sorry we have not been able to return all the calls, text messages, facebook comments, and tweets. The support has been overwhelming and encouraging. Here is the sequence of events for today:

Nick came downstairs this morning while I was reading and seemed disoriented. Bailey and Melissa have been sick, so after we got him to wake up, we assumed he was getting the same thing. He went back to bed in room with Melissa so she could keep an eye on him while Bailey and I went to church. Turns out he probably had a seizure before he woke up.

Bailey called Melissa at 11am to ask a question about kids ministry and when she woke up to answer the phone, Nick was having a grand mal seizure. She called me at church and I rushed home while she called 911. When I got there, he was incoherent but came around about the time the paramedics got there.

They stabilized him and transported him to Memorial West. The Doctor there ran many tests and after consulting with the neurologist, decided to move him to Joe Dimaggio at Memorial Regional. They put him on anti-seizure meds and transported him via ambulance to Joe D (our favorite hospital where nick spent 51 days in 2005 with pancreatitus).

By the time we got there, he was feeling better. They performed an MRI of his brain tonight and are going to run EEG's, both awake and asleep, tomorrow to try to determine the source of the seizures. They said we are probably in the hospital until at least Tuesday.

For updates, I encourage you to facebook friend us ( or or follow us on twitter ( or as we are pretty good about keeping those up to date.

Many have visited and lifted Nick's spirits. Thanks to all of you who have stopped by. Thanks a ton for all the prayers, calls, texts, comments, tweets, etc. Your concern is felt and appreciated. We will keep you updated as things develop.

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