Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Inspiration

I have taken some grief lately over my lack of blog dependability. I have blamed it on a lack of inspiration. I feel that blogging just to be blogging is pointless and without merit. My opinion...for what it's worth.

Tonight I have inspiration and, I think, inspiration for the days to come. Today our family celebrated what we have dubbed our "Nickiversary". Today is the anniversary (1 year) of our son, Nick, leaving the hospital after a 51 day stay battling pancreatitus and it's collateral damage. To celebrate, we looked to Nick's number 1 passion now (cars) and went to the International Car Show. We bookended it with BBQ and Starbucks. We had an awesome time and Nick said it was the best "Nickiversary" he could imagine.

While there, I found that each unique car associated with a person in my mind. I am going to spend the next few days sharing some of those associations as well as some cool pics. The first one is one that the whole family agreed on. As we were rounding a corner, we were frozen in our tracks by the new Chrysler Imperial.

Melissa immediately turned to me and said what I was thinking "Garland should be driving that car." So the Big Daddy, staunch, bull dog, but savvy award goes to Pastor Garland (Brother Gar as I call him) and his Chrysler Imperial. BTW - Gar can be seen and heard in person this weekend as he teaches at the Cooper City Campus. His companion conveyance can be seen but not heard at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

More to come...
Matt (back from blog sabbatical)

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