Saturday, January 06, 2007


OK, so I have not been very consistent blogging so far, but I am going to try to do better. On Friday I had a colonoscopy. Let me share a few thoughts with you about this process (but no graphic details).

1. It is not good when one of your good friends said that his doctor threatened him with a colonoscopy but then said he was not old enough....and he is the same age as you. This person also shared some of his thoughts on the process and the humor in it over the next few days - not so humorous to me.

2. I can only imagine why they put you completely under during this procedure - but am glad they did. If anybody knows - keep it to yourself and suffer in solitude.

3. The best part was the sleeping part.

4. Why do doctors tell you that yo will be done in 1 hour and then make you wait 3 hours to get the one hour started - after not eating for 36 hours. (It took almost 2 hours by the way - total time lost from my life never to be recovered - 5 hours not including prep (graphic details spared here) and recovery time)

5. With the impending sense of doom you feel about what the test might uncover, I reflected on my way to the procedure that these may be the last few moments of my life that I do not know a particular peice of horrible news that will change my life forever.

6. Laying in the waiting area, there was a poster right next to my bed that explained in detail all the things that could be wrong thereby making #5 even more important and making my nervousness even more acute.

7. As I laid on the bed in the procedure room and tried to see how low I could get my heartrate by concentrating (48 by the way) to kill time, the doc walked in and it jumped 25 points involuntarily.

Usually I post a pic or two, but I felt they would be inappropriate so I spared you.

BTW - turns out that I only have a minor issue so #5 proved to be a non-issue.

Back upright and loving it,

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