Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hurricane Rant

Let me just state for the record: if you give me 100 years to study something, I will probably have a least a clue how it works. I know these hurricane forecasters are hard working guys, but they don't have a clue. We have gone from "Ernesto could be a Category 3 when it hits New Orleans" to " Looks like its coming our way - everybody panic" to "it's going to be rainy tonight and it might get a little windy too". Why does this bother me? We closed our offices for 2 days, we spent a whole day preparing the campus, I brought my garbage cans and everything else I have outside in, and I had the most harrowing experience of my life when I climbed up on the roof to remove the loose tiles from Hurricane Wilma (which was supposed to be no big deal by the way) so they would not crash through my new patio screen or smash into my cars. Now I sit her with sore knees from crawling around on the roof, my house looking from the exterior as if we moved out and I have finally turned off the constant drone of "don't take this lightly - there is still a storm coming" wondering how they could have no idea what these storms are going to do after all the years they have studied them. Is it that hard or do we have the wrong people in that seat on the bus?

By the way, the pic above is from Wilma last year - for those of you who wonder what a hurricane looks like

Moral of this story: Patience is not one of my virtues and God will probably keep training me until it is.

Job (not)

Water Skiing

This past weekend we got the chance to try water skiing for the first time. The Mosser's have been trying to get us to go for over a year (since before Nick went in the hospital) and we finally got it scheduled. As with most things I put off, I regretted putting it off because we had a great time.

You may notice the sizeable knot on my head. On my third try to get up on the skis, I fell forward then extinctively turned over to get air into my drowning lungs and unfortunately the skis were still going and plowed into my head. My buddies always tell me not to look back when we play racquetball; nobody mentioned that rule while skiing.

The moral of the story - Try new things - they can be fun, but you may end up with a knot on your head.


Friday, August 25, 2006

In the beginning...

As I watch the blognation grow, I have contemplated creating my own blog for some time. I have mused about what I have to say that would be valuable or amusing to others. Today, my "Workout Partner" posted a pointed criticism about my absence this morning questioning my definition of commitment. I have discovered that the ultimate prompt for me to start my own blog will be self-defense (since he controls whether or not to post my comment to his blog www.troygramling.com). I will not name him here but my WP neglected to mention his absence yesterday or the fact that he decided to have coffee this morning with our other partner instead of working out (which I did yesterday when he was absent). It appears commitment can be selectively applied, depending on your mouthpiece to the world. Therefore, my voice will now be heard across the blognation - and so starts the pressure to say something valuable or amusing with some regularity.

I rest my case,

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