Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/16/9 Update

Sorry for the late update, but last night was a little rough. Guatemalan food not liking my stomach.

We had a great day yesterday. First, we traveled to another Compassion Project and from there we split into groups and visited homes of people whose children attend the project. The poverty was shocking. They were so happy to have us. They were so excited that we came to visit them. Our host even cooked tamales for us. It was humbling to see their environment but encouraging to hear all that compassion is doing for them.

Next, we had lunch at a local restaurant before heading back to the project for a special presentation from the kids. They sang for us and were very excited that we came. They also did a short play and some special music.

After the presentation, we got to tour the administrative offices and see the way compassion has built accountability into their program. As an administrator, I was very impressed. They have an amazing system for holding the projects accountable so that the funds you send go where they are intended. We then got to observe the kids in the classroom. They have a great teaching staff.

While everybody else was touring the facility, Robey and I got to meet with Pastor Alfredo, who is the pastor of the church that is associated with the project. He is the only pastor of a 80 year old church of 1500 people that he is trying to transition to a more contemporary style so they can attract more of the local community. Please pray for him as he has a difficult battle ahead of him. We were able to encourage him and pray with him. It was an awesome experience.

After that, we headed back to Antigua for some dinner and rest. I will try to post some more pics tonight, as we have wireless internet at the hotel in Guatemala City that we are headed to today - cool.

Keep those comments and prayers coming.

BTW - Rebekah got her bag last night - thanks for the prayers.


Heather Orr said...

Hooray for Rebekah's bag!!!!

Drink Pepto before you eat ANYTHING!! It's Rule #1 of overseas missions!

Steve Mackey said...

Our problems seem so insignificant when we hear these stories. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Yay!!! Rebekah got her bag!!!

Wow, sounds like you guys have been super busy...keep the updates coming we love them!

Miss you lots!
Melissa, Nick, & Bailey

Jim R said...

Hooray for the bag.. Boooo for the tummy. Yea God, for evrything that He's doing. Thanks for doing the blog.

Noreen Roberts said...

Awesome! We are praying for all of you. But most of all that God will use this trip in a mighty way to further His Kingdom~
Love & prayers
The Roberts

Maritza said...

thanks for sharing, we are praying

Maritza said...

thanks for keeping us updated, we are praying

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