Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/19/9 Update

Another great day in GU. It was our last full day on this trip. We left this morning to visit our third project of the week. Robey and I had the opportunity to visit with the pastor for the church that partners with the project. In this city, they are fighting gangs, spiritual warfare, witchcraft, child abuse, and so many other things. It was great to talk to the pastor and I would ask that you add him to your prayer list.

We then went on a home visit. The home was very spartan, but the family had joy on their faces. We asked them to show us some letters from their sponsors (2 kids were sponsored in this house). The mother said they keep them in a very special place. They pulled some out and as we looked at them we realized that some of the letters were from April, 2000 and some of the pics were from April, 1999. They had kept these letters and photos for 10 years! If you ever wonder how important it is to write to your sponsored child, that should clear it up for you.

We left there and had lunch at Pizza Hut - I requested a moment of silence for pizza before we ate. I have missed my simple American diet. It was great and there was great conversation.

After that, we went to a local market and got some amazing deals on some gifts to bring home. The day ended with dinner and a wonderful debrief where we took time to honor the compassion staff that has done an amazing job on this trip. Thank you Brenda, Claudia, Laura, Sandra x 2, and Pablo. You guys were awesome. Some of the folks are leaving at 3:30am, but we are leaving for the airport at 9am. Looking forward to getting home to families.

Over the next few days I will try to break down some of the experieinces in more detail. Thanks for following us this week.

Below are some pics from the day:

Robey and I with the pastor and our translator - Brenda

The view from the project

Our crew behaving

Our crew misbehaving


Kathy Hale said...

Have a safe trip home and thank you so much for sharing your efforts in a place that so badly needs all the love and support it can get.

Melissa in Mel's World said...

I LOVE it! Although I struggle to think that y'all ever really "behave" may have ONLY been for that one picture, I'm sure. *wink wink*

Can't wait to have everyone back home, healthy, safe, & happy!


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