Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/17/9 Update

First, A Few Pics from the last few daysThe Family we visited in their home

Their Kitchen

Their Stove

A little Boy at the first compassion project

Little Girls waiting to throw confetti on us

Today started out with a little relaxation time at the hotel while we waited to checkout and head back to Guatemala City. Some folks walked around the city, some slept in, and some did other things. After that, we all loaded the bus and headed to Guatemala City. After a short stop at a mall, we stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Then we headed to the Compassion country office in GU city to tour and meet the folks that make Compassion happen in Guatemala. We got to see all the behind the scenes stuff that helps support the children and keep the communication up between the children and the sponsors. These folks churn out a lot of work with a small staff, but do a great job from what we saw.

That was followed by a presentation about the Leadership Development Program, which is a program for Compassion Children that have graduated and would like to go to college. We have spent most of the week with Magda, who is an LDP graduate and is now responsible for 12 projects in Guatemala. She had already impressed us with the program because of her amazing presence and leadership. We heard from 3 current LDP students and then got to have dinner with them and ask questions. We also met 2 other LDP graduates who serve on the Country Office Team.

Tomorrow, we get to take the kids that our group has sponsored to an amusement park in Guatemala City. Everybody is very excited about that. Should be fun.


Melissa*Elswick said...

Praying daily for you guys! Thanks for the updates! Keep up the great work - to God be the Glory!

Melissa*Elswick said...

Thanks for the updates! We've been praying for you and the team daily! To God be the Glory! :)

Jon and Melissa Elswick said...

Thanks for all the stories, but you ate at a Mexican restaurant in Guatemala? What's up with that!? :)

Maritza said...

Thanks for bringing us these pictures.. It really helps bring my/our life into prespective..we are SOoooo blessed and have a great responsibility to help others. Praying constantly.

Jim Rutig said...

OK, now I'm a blogger. Been enjoying your reports. Praying for you all and praising God for all He's doing.

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